Body Powder-Marshmallow 60ml


Moisturizing and Medicinal, this Powder Calms Skin and is Perfect for All Ages.

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Marshmallow Body Powder: Made from the beautiful Marshmallow flower’s root, this powder is soft, moisturizing even while keeping the body dry and is perfectly safe for newborns. There is nothing in this powder that is not safe and good for the body.
Directions:This powder is heavy and very moist. Gently shake the closed powder to loosen it, as it can pack down in the bottom of the tube. You can not sprinkle the powder onto your body. This powder is heavy and the opened canister must be dispensed by gently pounding out the powder into your palm and then applying it. You will be surprised how easy this is, given that the powder is thick and rich and heavy and doesn’t fly about as talc powders do. Be sure to close after use and store in a cool, dry area. It can be used anyway on the body.
Ingredients: 100% Organic
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Palmarosa, Ylang Ylang, Natural


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