Cleanser-Dental Polish 45g


Brighten-up your smile the safe and natural way with our tooth whitening polish.


This polish comes in a powder form and can be applied by wetting your toothbrush and dipping it into the powder, or you can take a spoonful and mix it separately with a bit of hydrogen peroxide (safe if you do not have receding gums or exposed tissues/roots) or water to make a paste. I like to add a drop of minty essential oil for a fresh finish. Use once a week, or if you are using the Dental Rinse, twice a week, if you have no sensitivity. Overuse will thin enamel and result in sensitivity problems.


Additional information

Weight 0.075 kg

Cinnamon (5ml), No Flavour, Peppermint (5ml), Spearmint (5ml)


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