Remedy Salve-Bum Butter for Baby 60ml


For Hot and Cold Rashes


Bum Butter: Marshmallow Leaf
This Salve is designed to prevent and treat hot, red rashes. It has Marshmallow to soothe and coat sore, tender and raw tissue, while the Mullein and Calendula repair and prevent infection.

Directions: Clean area with a gentle soap (our Almond Soap is perfect for this) and pat dry. Apply a small amount and lightly massage into sore tissues. Apply again to lay down a paper thin layer. You do not need to use a lot of the salve to get adequate coverage to coat. The protection takes place within the skin layers, not on top. You can apply this salve to broken skin, as it will encourage the skin to close by reducing inflammation and assisting white blood cells to collect and build-up a mucus membrane that acts as the body’s band-aid. Us daily, or when needed. *For extra protection try our Marshmallow body powder.
Ingredients: 100% Organic
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