Bubble Bath- Passion 480g


Fun and Playtime or Relieve Anxiety, Stress and Agitation.



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Bubble Bath: Passion with Aloe and Honey

This bubble bath is made with processed coconut which produces a man-made soap that is well suited for making bubbles. We have selected only Eco Certified ingredients that are sustainably grown and processed.
Directions: Run bath water until at desired temperature. Pour a tsp to a Tbsp of bubble bath into running water for best bubbles. If irritation or   dryness occurs discontinue use or limit use.  Always rinse after to remove any bubble residue. Safe for children 1+ year
Ingredients:100% Biocompatible
Organic Glycerin
Organic Citrus sinensis
Organic Citrus aurantium
Organic Pogostemon cablin
Organic Cananga odorata
Natural Honeyquat
Natural Aloe barbensis
Natural Salicylic acid
Natural Sorbic acid
Natural Polysorbate80
Eco-Certified BSB Surfactant
Eco-Certified Decyl Glucoside Surfactant
Eco-Certified Amphosol Surfactant