Body Sponge-Konjac Konnyaku

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A Natural, Soft, Vegetable Sponge from Japan.


Natural Konjac Konnyaku Body Sponge: This Eco-friendly sponge is made from a fiberous vegetable common to Asia. It is soft and suitable for sensitive skin. Directions: Unlike most sea sponges which are naturally soft to the touch, this sponge must first be soaked in warm water for 2-3 minutes to soften its fibres, then use as desired. After use, rinse it thoroughly and hang it to dry. It fits nicely in your palm. I love that it comes from a vegetable and it is totally sustainable and Earth friendly. Compost it after 3 years.

1 review for Body Sponge-Konjac Konnyaku

  1. Shawna

    This sponge is awesome. It cleans without scratching my face and my skin looks so good since I have been using it. It helps to keep my face from not breaking out.

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