Anti-histamine Inhaler 60ml


Anti-histamine Spray for Immediate Relief of Allergy Symptoms, or to Open Blocked Airways.


Anti-histamine Inhaler: This is an ancient remedy that would be concocted by the local herbalist/monk for those suffering from allergies.

This 2oz measure is in a UV safe bottle that will preserve the oils for 12-15 months, which allows you to put it away for next year’s hay-fever season.

Directions: Pump a tiny portion of the oil into your palm and rub palms together. Making a bowl with your hands, place over nose and mouth and take a deep breath in, taking in the essential oil’s fumes. You will feel your eyes, nose and chest ease and open-up. Use as frequently as desired. Safe for all ages. Store in dark, cool location.
Ingredients: 100% Organic
Organic Olea Europaea
Organic Lavendula Angustafolia
Organic Citrus limonum
Organic Mentha Piperita


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