Our Pet Care Philosophy

We believe that all living things, Earth, people and animals have an equal right to live long, healthy lives. To do so, they all need to be cared for in such a manner as not to impede the natural ecology of their body, which is designed by evolution to repair and maintain itself for proper function.

According to Dr. Jean-Pierre Issa, a leader in experimental Epigenetics at Anderson Cancer Center, new studies are beginning to show that the exposure a living being has to chemicals and the illnesses they produce is being imprinted on the DNA and is also being passed onto progeny. This ability of the body to learn is shared by all living beings, including plant life.

Understanding that what we use to clean and care for our pets will impact them in a determinate way over the length of their life and their offspring (very important for breeders), our products are nutrient rich, 100% natural, saponified (see our Glossary for details) and extensively researched, so that you can be absolutely certain that they are effective and safe for your pet.