Our Body Care Philosophy

Unlike in the past, our environment has become harsher and more damaging with climate change, airborne pollutants, a thinner Ozone layer and the modern stresses of everyday life. It is no longer enough to eat a healthy whole foods diet and to feed our skin from the inside out, although this remains the most important line of defence against premature aging. Today we need medicinal quality moisturizers and saponified soaps that are made from the finest, most nutrient and natural “food grade” form of ingredients that are loaded with Anti-oxidants, Vitamins, Minerals and have Humectants qualities, which lay down an invisible protective shield over the skin. From our creams to our gels to our bar and liquid soaps and shampoos, all of our products are designed with these needs in mind.


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Why Saponification?

Our bars, gels, liquid soaps and shampoos are all saponified (combining natural oils with natural lye [a salt]), not chemically processed surfactants. Surfactants are bar, powder and liquid soaps that have been chemically derived from natural ingredients, such as coconut, but during processing the natural ingredients are stripped of their cleansing properties and any biological remains are then filtered out to produce a clear, concentrated detergent. This detergent is then used in its liquid form to produce bodywashes and shampoos, or powdered and caked into bar soap. This detergent contains sodium lauryl sulfate and other chemical derivatives that cause skin irritation and more severe conditions.

The surfactant process was created by Corporations to produce a standardized chemical that could be mass produced and mixed the same way each time with other chemicals to make products that would be identical and last indefinitely. Natural saponified soaps have unique personal properties that must be accounted for and the recipe adjusted every time a batch is made, because plants grow differently depending upon rain fall etc., even the same plant in the same garden. Saponified soaps also can not be economically made into huge batches because of all the slight differences each ingredient has and must be adjusted for, nor survive extreme temperatures, or be warehoused for years. Yet, only through saponification can you produce a soap that is good for you, natural and alive, retaining all its nutrients and organic matter. Surfactants are dead, void of any biological or nutrient properties and produce Resistance responses from the body.