Why you need THC in your CBD products

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Hi Fiends,

I often get asked why there is THC in high-end CBD products.

Medicinal grade CBD oil has THC and CBD in equal measures (not manually put in, but in the plant strain) because the THC makes the CBD biocompatible for your body to absorb it. Each molecule of THC is neutralized when it combines with CBD and THC CAN NOT BE ABSORBED BY THE BODY THROUGH THE SKIN. Without the THC, CBD is in a form, as with Hemp, which has enormous levels of CBD but no THC, which makes it only slightly helpful to you. This explains why we don’t use Hemp, but crossed it with the THC marijuana plant to produce the CBD stains we use now. If someone tells you there is no THC in a CBD product, don’t buy it. It is either processed, synthetic or garbage.k

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