Covid 19 Situation (We will be open Wednesday & Thursday & at the Market Saturday)

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Hi Friends,

The Shop will be open Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th, 10:30-4pm. I understand that many of you will be staying in for the next few weeks and avoiding indoor spaces with others. This is a good strategy. The Qualicum Farmer’s Market will be outdoor starting this Saturday and I will be there. You can also call the shop and order over the phone or order online and we will mail you your order.

Some Tips to help cope with Covid 19:

1. Boost your immune system with an Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial tea each day. We have many options for you but Immune Boost tea is my choice.

2. When you do have to go into a public space bring and Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral inhaler and hand spray. We would recommend the Anti-Histamine Inhaler.

3. Individual inhaler. This is a pocket size inhaler with a wick inside that is doused in your choice of EO that you inhale. There are many essential oils to choose from other than just Theives Oil, but we have that too.

4. Keep healthy by getting enough sleep. We have a number of teas to help with this, but Land of the Lotus Eaters is the strongest.

5. If you feel really stressed because of the situation the 6 flower tea, CBD Relax, or Happy Berry capsule with make a difference.


Some items may not be on the website as we are transitioning to a new one, so give us a call with any questions.





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