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About Us

Hi, my name is Kim Andersen and I am the founder of Green Diva Skin Care.ca, now Green Diva Apothecary. We produce Therapeutic grade solutions for teeth, health issues and body care. Our shop is located at 2701 Alberni Hwy, in Coombs at the Junction. I began making products because I wanted to lower my carbon foot-print and have the finest and strongest, natural products without paying a fortune. I also wanted to be guaranteed that all the ingredients were natural and safe for me and the Earth.

10 Reasons to Try Green Diva Products:

  1. We use only local home-raised or Eco-certified natural, organic and wild ingredients.
  2. Our ingredients are alive, food grade, with all the vitamins and minerals they were born with and in fact when you treat yourself to chocolate you are consuming at least four of our major ingredients: coconut oil, coco butter, palm oil, palm kernel oil and perhaps a few others: vitamin E, almond oil, beeswax…(depending upon the recipe).
  3. Our preservatives, cleansing agents and thickeners are also natural. Our preservative is a combination of fruit pectin and natural acids that work together to safely destroy bacteria; our cleansing agent in our soaps and shampoos is lye (a naturally occurring salt) that is made by mixing water with ash from burnt hard woods; the thickeners in our creams are beeswax and fatty acids, which your skin loves.
  4. Our soaps and shampoos are all saponified (combining natural oils with natural lye), not chemically processed surfactants. Surfactants are liquid soaps that have been chemically derived from natural ingredients, such as coconut, but during processing the natural ingredients are stripped of their cleaning properties and any biological remains are filtered out to produce a clear, concentrated detergent. This detergent contains sodium lauryl sulfate and other chemical derivatives that often cause irritation and more severe skin conditions such as eczema. Only through saponification can you produce a soap that is still natural and alive with all the nutrients it began the process with. Surfactants are void of any biological or nutrient property.
  5. We buy local, produce local (using hydro and manpower versus a fossil fuel powered factory) and sell local.
  6. We recycle 100% of production waste.
  7. Our packaging is 100% recyclable, if not compostable.
  8. Our products are 100% biodegradable. Food for your body.
  9. We do not serve Stock Holders, allowing them to make decisions about price, quality and Earth conservancy.
  10. We practice an Ethical Business Model that requires full disclosure on our labels about the ingredients in our products. This is our guarentee to you that our products are safe for you, your family and the Earth.